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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
SD Water Quality 11/10/2018 Sughana Iyengar Programming Data Question #153: Is Pollution at Dog Beach correlated more with river flow or with tides? 15.00
SD Water Quality 08/06/2018 Sughana Iyengar Analysis Data Question #154: What Stations have the most reliable seasonal variation? Currently reviewing the task 0.00
SD Water Quality 06/20/2018 Edward Dillon Wrangling Task #93: General Management I've spent the last week trying to wrangle what data I can find on bacteria that can correlate to the rain and precipitation flow chart provided by Cheng Li. I'm not sure if this is how you wanted us to log our hours. 4.00
National Tract Aggregates 06/20/2018 Edward Dillon Wrangling Task #92: Do Something! 4.00

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