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The Charter Cities Institute works with governments to build charter cities, new planned development cities that are designed for rapid and robust economic growth..

This analysis explores changes in nighttime lights intensity as a proxy for economic activity to study the effects of special economic zones. See our wiki overview of the project for some details about the analysis.

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New Datasets for Easier Analysis
I've release a new dataset for analyzing SEZ that doesn't require installing geographic packages, so you should not have Conda environment problems.
Added by Eric Busboom about 1 year ago

Conda Environment Fixed
Conda environment now works for Macs and Linux
Added by Eric Busboom over 1 year ago

Conda Environment is Working
How to getup the development environment
Added by Eric Busboom over 1 year ago

Promotional Blog Post
A blog post about the kick off meeting.
Added by Eric Busboom over 1 year ago

Research Library
Links to the Papers we are using for research
Added by Eric Busboom over 1 year ago

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