New Datasets for Easier Analysis

Added by Eric Busboom over 1 year ago

I've release a new dataset that pre-sums the pixel values in buffers and rings around each SEZ:

There is also an example analysis notebook that shows you how to use the data:

This dataset will allow you to analyze the features that are related to SEZ economic growth without doing an of the geographic processing that has been difficult to get the environments configured for.

Conda Environment Fixed

Added by Eric Busboom almost 2 years ago

I re-created the conda environment files, with two files, one for Macs and one for Linux. See the README for the repo for details:

If you are on windows, see the requirements/ file, which shows the process for bootstrapping the conda environment. Basically, you load a minimal environment, pip install some more modules, then export the environment spec to a file. If you create an environment for Windows, please add it to the requirements directory.



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