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A San Diego Water Quality Data Repository.

This project will collect a variety of datasets related to water quality in San Diego County, aggregate them to the same indices, and publish the data in a form that makes analysis easier. Then, the project will use these datasets to answer data questions posed by nonprofits and San Diego residents.

See the project announcement for more details about the project. If you'd like to participate, see these instructions on how to join the project.

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Manager: Eric Busboom

Developer: Miguel Alvendia

Latest news

Answer Some Questions on the New Insights Site
Our Insights website is a new how for water quality project issues
Added by Eric Busboom almost 3 years ago

Interactive Station Map, Creek Monitoring Data
A new dataset for creek water quality and a map of stations
Added by Eric Busboom almost 3 years ago

Does when it rains matter
A new ticket asks if the months it rains in has an impact on bacteria counts.
Added by Eric Busboom almost 3 years ago

Full Featured Beachwatch Data
A new Beachwatch dataset removes null columns and has better analysis features
Added by Eric Busboom almost 3 years ago

New Dataset for Tides, River Flow and Rain
The data package combines rain, tides and San Diego river flow.
Added by Eric Busboom about 3 years ago

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