Answer Some Questions on the New Insights Site

Our Insights website is a new how for water quality project issues
Added by Eric Busboom almost 4 years ago

I'm trying a new way of handling data questions, the Insights website. The water-project tag identifies questions specific to this project, but there are also questions on the site that are not part of the project. Feel free to comment on or answer any of them.

I'll be promoting this site to journalists, nonprofits and other who are interested in getting data answers, and I hope that you'll follow the questions and answer some of them. You can get immediate notification of new questions and answers from the Slack channel.

After the next meeting, I'll probably move the Water quality project into this format; rather than having meeting dedicated to just water quality, we'll have Data Library meetings that are focused on answering a few of the open questions.

Please visit the site and review a few of the questions in with the water-project tag, and if you have analysis, link them in as answers. If you are working on an analysis that is different from the current questions, you can create and answer your own question. Just be sure to apply the water-project tag.