New Dataset for Tides, River Flow and Rain

The data package combines rain, tides and San Diego river flow.
Added by Eric Busboom about 4 years ago

Here is a new data set to make analysis a bit easier:

It combines rain, tides and San Diego river flow, re-sampled to days. It is also a good example of how to combine datasets. See the notebook used to build the package for examples of resampling and joining:

The data packaging system I created, Metapack, now has a new feature to automatically create Exploratory Data Analysis notebooks. The notebook for this package is an example of basic EDA analysis, and it is also important for the analysis of null values -- see the Nulls section at the next of the notebook -- because the three data series in the dataset all have different time ranges for valid values.

If you'd like to do more exploration, combine this dataset with the Beachwatch data to see how bacteria counts at various stations correlate with rain and river flow.