Correlations Challenge

This example notebook looks can correlations between bacteria counts on the coast. Can you extend the analysis?
Added by Eric Busboom over 3 years ago

Here is a new notebook I created that looks at the geographic distribution of measurement stations in the Beachwatch bacteria counts and how station results are correlated with each other over time:

For the next meeting ( August 1 ) I'd like to have a few other analysts present extensions to this analysis, looking at:

  • Compare the correlations between stations to the distance between them. Is the correlation a function of distance?
  • Look at the correlations over time. Are they getting stronger or weaker?
  • This analysis looks at only one analyte, 'Coliform, Total'. Are there similar correlations for the others?
  • With additional work, you may be able to find the creeks, stream, or drainage pipes that are close to these stations. Are there relationships between the station results and the locations of these water outlets?