2013 San Diego Regional Harbors Program

Client Document

From Chris Stransky
Aquatic Sciences Group Manager

Also: RHMP 2013 Final Report

These documents are also in our file share

Attached here is a series of data files including chemistry, toxicity, and benthic community analyses for the 2013 San Diego Regional Harbors Program I mentioned last week. We also have the chemistry data in Access if preferred. Unfortunately there is no single unified database at this point, but maybe we’ll work on that for the 2018 Program underway soon. A reduced size version of the report is attached and here’s a link to the full report and Appendices as well.

Note that bacteria indicator monitoring is not conducted for this program though we are currently working on a historical summary of publically-available bacteria indicator data for a few specific locations in San Diego Bay, Mission Bay, Oceanside Harbor, and Dana Point Harbor. I’m including Corey Sheredy in our group who is leading this up to be a resource in case she has some good tips. There’s definitely quite a source of info on the Regional Board’s Beaches and Bays Bacteria TMDL site:, but readily accessible and organized data is another big question?

One source of info to also be in the know on is the recent Southern CA Surfer Health Study – Surfrider was a participant on this. I’m sure a database for this is available – I would contact John Griffith at SCCWRP for this if desired.

Good luck on the search for info let me know when you’ll be having a meeting to maybe connect with the group.