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SD Water Quality: Example Jupyter Notebooks For Bacterial, Flow and Rain
We've got a few examples of Jupyter Notebooks for the Bacteria TDML measurements and weather.
Added by Eric Busboom 1 day ago

SD Water Quality: Shiny Viz of River Flow in Mission Valley (1 comment)
Neal Jander created a basic Shiny app that shows the flow rates the San Diego River at Mission Valley
Added by Eric Busboom 4 days ago

SD Water Quality: CoastKeeper Watershed Reports
Added by Eric Busboom about 2 months ago

SD Water Quality: CoastKeeper: Lesson From Water Quality Monitoring
Lessons of water quality monitoring. Good intro to what affects ocean and creek water quality.
Added by Eric Busboom about 2 months ago

Mission Driven Finance Lending Analysis: Demo Notebooks for FFEIC and Census Data
Added by Eric Busboom 7 months ago

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